Review Reccomendations


I was scared of driving but not anymore - Thanks to Edward!


This is the best driving school and instructors! Professional, polite and very focused on the results!


I took a few classes with the best driving instructor,his name is Mark. He is very patient,very professional,he will find a way to communicate and teach anybody and he always wants to make sure that you and your passenger's are safe. I wasn't worried about my road test because he makes me feel that I'm a good driver. I passed my road test from the first time and after 7 classes with him . Highly recommend you take him as your instructor.

Artem A

I took the 5x45min lessons package. My teacher was Mark and he was great, he helped me build confidence while reinforcing technical skills (manoeuvres, u-turns, parking, & etc). He was extremely good at giving me an idea of what to expect during the road test. I passed my Road Test from first time. The woman on reception is very friendly and helpful. Overall, it was good experience, and great value. I would highly recommend this driving school to anybody.

Kast Genao

I took a number of classes with Mohammed towards the end of 2014. He was patient and knowledgeable. He prepared me very well for the Road test and I passed it in December without a problem. If it weren't for his teaching, I would have felt anxious going into the test, but He made me feel confident in my driving abilities. He is a great instructor for anyone looking to learn how to properly drive. Thank you!!

Yani Lukelo

My Instructor Mr.Mohammed is a very good instructor he makes sure that you and other drivers are safe on the road as you are learning he waste's no time into getting you the full driving experience. I recommend him because he is very thorough in his teaching and has been a huge help in the process of getting my drivers license

Frida A

I was very pleased with my instructor. His name is Mohammed and he is very professional and patient and really knows his stuff to teach people. I must say he is an expert in this field and can really make the student feel at ease when driving. I have had a different instructor prior to this and he lacked patience and therefore had to switch to another instructor and I'm so happy I did. I was very nervous and now with the exceptional help of Mohammed teaching skills, I feel like a pro and cannot wait to go get my driver's license next week! Thank you Saunder's School for doing a great job at accommodating your clients, and also you can't beat these low prices!!!



Mohammed is an amazing teacher, he had so much patience with me. He is very flexible and works with your schedule. I am forever thankful to him. I just received my drivers license. What a great way to start 2017!


Yura is literally the greatest human driving instructor that could ever potentially exist. Brilliant mind. He breaks things down. He is logical. He keeps things simple, while at the same time letting you know everything that you need to know in order to the pass the test. Amazing guy in general as well. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. He will drill the fundamentals into your mind while putting a smile on your face. Thank you!!!:)


I did my 5 hr. class with this school and immediately purchased a package by their recommendation. They are experienced and know what they are talking about when giving you suggestions. It is not just about the business, but about you and what you need to do, to get where you want to go. That is my impression. Igor is the driving instructor they connected me with. I appreciate his honesty and ability to give me the necessary directions without any sugarcoating. It is about the job being done and he did it. I passed on my first road test. Thank you, Igor! Keep up the good work!