Tips for passing Road Test

Every state has a different way of conducting the test, I can only speak to how New York does it.

  • There are no "trick questions" or surprises. It's all very rote.
  • Be slow and careful.
  • Don't make contact with the curb when parallel parking. You're allowed to be as far as 11 inches from the curb (in NY), use that your advantage.
  • When you get to a stop sign (and, you will), come to a full and complete stop for at least a full second. If you retain any motion at all before re-accelerating, you'll get dinged.
  • Understand that it's OK to fail the test once or twice. They let you take it as many times as you need, but you have to schedule it for a different day. Knowing and believing that it's OK to not pass the first time will help with the nerves.


Mohammed is an amazing teacher, he had so much patience with me. He is very flexible and works with your schedule. I am forever thankful to him. I just received my drivers license. What a great way to start 2017!


Yura is literally the greatest human driving instructor that could ever potentially exist. Brilliant mind. He breaks things down. He is logical. He keeps things simple, while at the same time letting you know everything that you need to know in order to the pass the test. Amazing guy in general as well. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. He will drill the fundamentals into your mind while putting a smile on your face. Thank you!!!:)


I did my 5 hr. class with this school and immediately purchased a package by their recommendation. They are experienced and know what they are talking about when giving you suggestions. It is not just about the business, but about you and what you need to do, to get where you want to go. That is my impression. Igor is the driving instructor they connected me with. I appreciate his honesty and ability to give me the necessary directions without any sugarcoating. It is about the job being done and he did it. I passed on my first road test. Thank you, Igor! Keep up the good work!